We offer concierge beauty experiences that prioritize masterful artistry, hospitality, pampering, wellness, and client collaboration.

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~A highly skilled person who focuses on providing personalized client services with the aim to anticipate their needs and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and hospitality. 
~As an adjective; concierge can classify a service model.

We've been lovingly called "Beauty Fairy Godmothers" and "A Sure Thing", and we're famous for taking insanely great care of our clients while seamlessly collaborating with your creative team. We dive deep, and our unique process allows us to curate a truly personalized experience exclusively dedicated to figuring out how you prefer to be seen. 

We're not your typical transactional, "do-and-go" beauty team; rather, we go above and beyond what many understand to be the scope of professional beauty services. From in-depth skin, hair and beauty routine analysis and advice to product and service recommendations,  we offer an all-access pass to our expertise and industry-insider connections, and want to be your go-to beauty BFFs for literally anything and everything that we can help with. 

The Concierge Beauty Experience

A comprehensive, 3+ hours long consultation, service and mini photo shoot is typically booked within 1 to 3 months of your event. This is a chance to get to know you better, and to work collaboratively to unpack and execute your vision to compliment your vibe and aesthetic, exploring a progression of various looks. You leave with a library of images and videos, giving you a 360 degree detailed overview of all looks to reflect upon and offer feedback from before the event. Bonus: most come away with new profile pics!

The Trial Preview

What dreams are made of and how we believe everyone should start their wedding day (TRUST). All ERB brides enjoy our signature tandem pamper session: thoughtful and extensive hair and skin prep, scalp, neck, facial and hand massage treatments and aromatherapy to provoke calm, presence, and connection. Secretly known as "the best part of the day" (shhh)!

The Pamper Sesh

From the Runway to The Super Bowl, our combined decades of on-set production experience have given us the ability to flex with live events' unpredictable moments. From blotting tears and shine to taming hair in wind storms, sewing torn seams, and switching up your entire look with the speed of a pit crew, we handle it all. This also includes grooming for partners, because they deserve to be pampered too.

The Beck & Call Touch Up Services

We hold a very special space for moms: mothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-laws, bonus moms, memories of moms who have passed. We love moms. We are moms. Erica has lost her mom. We understand how emotionally charged motherhood becomes during weddings—the planning and the actual day. It's always our mission to honor and recognize the importance of moms and the role that they play (and sometimes can’t play) and we strive to be sensitive, caring, and present for them, and–for those who have passed–their memory. We want mothers involved in the wedding to feel seen, heard, respected and, ultimately, gorgeous. We encourage our brides to include their moms during trial previews, too, if they want to. Weddings mark the passage of time for everyone involved, and we strive to honor generational connections by highlighting how stunning and confident women can feel at any stage in their lives.


Everyone deserves to feel great and camera-ready when being filmed, but that doesn’t have to include lip color, lashes and bobby pins. Grooming is an industry term that means focussing on perfecting skin and hair, for a polished, "I just returned from the best vacation of my life" look that translates in camera but is undetectable in person. 


No assistants or junior teams here. We have a small, hand-picked, highly-experienced team of independent artists and stylists based throughout the Northeast and nationally whom we call upon to help with our larger parties -- all with expertise in various facets of our industry. But most importantly, they deliver the level of service and attention to detail we require. We want everyone getting services to feel extraordinarily taken care of.

Team ERB

Our philosophy is simple: We strive to achieve your desired looks using the LEAST amount of product possible -- layered intentionally -- resulting in a lasting, highly nuanced, light-handed, comfortable beauty. This allows you to look both breathtakingly stunning in person AND dynamic on camera. When services are complete, we don't want you to even notice your hair or makeup—rather, just how great you feel. 

The Art of Restraint

Good To Know

We believe the most valuable gift we can give you is our time, and we aren't stingy with it. We invest a lot into our relationships with our clients which gives us the super power to create truly unique, personalized beauty experiences. 

Investment minimums start at $3,000/ day. 

We accept only one event per day, or oftentimes weekend, so we can be entirely dedicated to you. To secure your date, an exploratory video call is required to ensure we're a good fit for each other, and then a 50% non-refundable retainer and signed contract are required for both hair and makeup. 

We travel frequently, and our capable and professional setups are mobile so we can set up anywhere you are. Have passports, will travel!

All bridal beauty experiences include our signature pamper session (aka the best part!)

COMFORT FIRST! We prioritize comfort, which means no clunky, artificial-looking strip lashes or bulky synthetic hair extensions are ever used on anyone. Erica is renowned for her customized, weightless individual lash applications, and this extends to everyone in your party. 

We’re both natural people-pleasers with expertise working live events, which means we excel at being a calming, easy-going presence in emotionally-charged settings. Immerse yourself in your day while we handle (and shield you from) the inevitable hiccups that come with live events. 

We are sanitation freaks, and pride ourselves on maintaining squeaky clean, tidy kits and tool set ups and practices. *We're licensed & insured. 

When you work with us, you're actually WORKING WITH THE BOTH OF US personally throughout the entire process from start to finish. 

We both are skilled working with all global skin tones, hair textures and formations.

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